Friday, August 20, 2004


Its still a controversy in Kerala, whether students in schools and colleges should practise politics. Politics in Shools upto higher secondary schools have been banned in Kerala by court order. More over, in colleges, the management can take decisions whether elections should be conducted on political party basis in their campuses. In kerala what actually happens is political parties have strong hold over the student's political organisations and they are using the students for their own political issues. The youth have plenty of energy. The political parties are effectively using these energy. And in the end, 60% of the accademic year will be filled with strikes, protests and violence. The main argument from the side of party based student's organizations is that the youth should learn how to participate in the Government making. But is that correct? If I want to become a lawyer should I learn how to construct a bridge. No, students who are interested in such activities should find place for it outside the campus. The first and last duty of a student is to study and study only.

We have learned the theory behind "hydrogen balloon flying against the gravity" as well as "hydrogen bomb". We may have gone through a practical session to produce hydrogen, and may have experienced the fun of flying a hydrogen balloon. But never should we have a practical with "hydrogen bomb". Politics is a bomb. We have enough lessons about the Constitution and Government as well as history of India and Worl history.

The other argument is that, if students are banned from political actvities in schools and colleges, they will turn out to be silent against any unlawful activities of the government and institution management. But what really happens when politics is allowed, is that students are losing their creativity and becoming tools in the hand of political parites and they are rasing sound for something which they really don't know. Please STOP STUDENT'S POLITICS in Kerala.

Friday, August 13, 2004

The Leopard

Last Sunday, I was on the way to Bangalore from my home. The vehicle covered Karnataka State border. Time was 8.00 pm. We were almost
30 km away from HD KOTTE, a place inKarnataka. I was sitting onone of the front seat of the cab. In the head-light I was able to view
road. Then in the distance, I saw three or four dogs(I thought) standing in the middle of the road. Those animals were almost 100 meters infront of the bus. Slowly the animals started dispersing to both
sides of the road as we neared them. They were four.

Two on each side of the road. The cab driver stopped the vehicle in between those animals .The Kannada speaking man who sat next to me shouted, "nari nari..". Mallus shouted, "puli puli....". Those animals were leopards. The cab stopped for 15 seconds. We were able to view those big cats clearly.

As we made loud noises, those big cats, went further away into the forests and dissappeared in the dark . I have travelled may times across the Karnataka - Kerala border from Wayanad to Ooty, Mysore and Bangalore. But this was the first time, I saw leopards on the way. Elephants, deer, monkey, bison, pea-cock and wild-boar are common across this border. But not LEOPARD!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Beautiful Mind

Do you think that you can't be open minded completely?

Or to what extent should we have an open mind?

Do you believe that personals matters are not to be shared?

Or If you believe that you are an open minded person completely, can you assure that you have told each thought or act of yours to atleast one person?

I believe that we should be completely open minded. At least try to do that. Its like the feeling we will have after a confession. We will feel relieved once we are open minded. And no one can ever cheat you after that. Beautiful will be your mind. We can imagine the whole world to be full of beautiful moments

No one will try to suicide in such a world
No will fell lonely.
Try to have a beautiful mind

Saturday, August 07, 2004

My Passion for Guitar

In my childhood my brother used to listen to western music and I also got interested in it, especially pop songs. Slowly I began to think of being a guitarist. When I was in 7th standard my father arranged a person to come to our home and teach me guitar. His name was Johny and he taught me the basics of Guitar. Later, continued my guitar lessons from Baby Kallingal, who is a professional guitarist.

During the time, I started playing guitar in functions conducted in my school. By the time I reached the age of 18 I went to many masters for guitar lessons. Apart from Mr. Johny and Mr. Baby who taught me basics of guitar lessons, Mr. Chinmayananda, Mr Saju,
Mr. Benny and Mr. Thej became my guitar teacher. All of them taught me different styles. I learned the Indian karnatic style, Spanish accoustic guitar style, western style and western classical finger plucking style from these masters.

When I joined my B. Tech degree programme, I stopped learning guitar from my masters and started self learning. I used to play guitar in the choir troop in my dioces and neighbouring dioces during that time.

Now, its a pure hobby for me. I spent atleast half an hour with my guitar daily and really enjoy it. When ever I am alone, or feeling lazy in my home, I will start playing guitar and then my mind will get refreshed.

Friday, August 06, 2004

Blood Donation

Today we had a blood donation in my company campus, arranged by Rotary club. I donated blood for the first time in my life. It was a rich experience for me. Eventhough I don't know to whom my blood is going to be used, I have a feeling now that I have saved some ones life.

Most of the people will have excuses for donating blood, ie, no time, I am afraid, I will become weak. Nothing like that. Today only I came to know that the amount of fluid taken from our body will be restored within one day or two day at the most.

Lets do it. A child who is having an open heart surgery, a mother or an accident victim will be saved with your blood. We cannot buy blood by money. We need open minds to donate blood. Let us be open minded persons. Just spent 20 minutes and save a whole human life.

There is no alternative for that. Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Unpredictale Future

Future is always uncertain. No one can predict it. Your birth star, astrologist, whoever it is, cannot know what will happen tomorrow. And someday, if any one is able to do the same, I will commit suicide, beacuse there is no point in living any more. Even God wants us to lead a good life, and we will be judged on our activities; I believe.

When I started my primary education, I wished to be a singer. Then during my upper primary education, I thought I would be an austronut in the future. Then I got deeply interested in space science and attended many such programme. But now its a hobby for me to learn about space.
During my pre-degree course, my parents wished I should be a physcian. But my mind said, I should go for B.Tech(Sepcialy Aerospace Engineering). But on the time of admission again my mind changed. I joined Programme as Computer Science and Engineering Student. Then I felt that my life will be of programmer coding in c or c++ or some machine language programmer working in an R&D firm.

My mind shifted towards teaching profession, becasue I was inspired by some of my professors, as well as my parents, later joined Mary Matha arts and Science college as a lecturer. I taught the students Java, TCP/IP and Linux networking, which I had never learned in my life. That time my mind turned to Linux and open source movement and there was a dislike for MicroSoft Technologies.

After working there for nine monts I got through the interview in Mind Tree Consulting pvt. ltd an IT company. I joined MindTree as Micorsoft.NET technology professional. Now I am working here, and this company is a partner of MicroSoft. After 2 months I was asked to work for Data Ware housing projects and got training in DataWare Housing tools and Oracle tools.

But just after finishing my training, I got my first assignments, work for "Cendant French AFE project" a French company. The project needed expertize in Java Script, HTML, XML and XSLT.

See the turning points in my life. Who can predict my life? Its all decided by Almighty God. Not by astrologers and star signs. If the future is disclosed then its like we know when will we die and how. What is the point of insurance companies?(joke).

We are not alone

Now I am queued up infront of God, for the final judgement. Yes its my turn now. God asked me to close all my eyes. Slowly I began to see the my journey(its my life) in my mind. To my wonder I saw the footprints of a stranger following me, invisible. I asked God, "who is it?".The reply was soft, "its me son". I got angry, because I couldn't see the footprints in situations of crisis. I am alone. Then came the answer, "its not your footprint, its mine son". Then where is my footprints. Came the answer, "I was carrying you in my hand dear son".

'We are never alone'