Thursday, September 27, 2007

Full moon - Dubai Creek (26-Sep-2007)

I visited my friend – Nithin Kurien to see his newly bought Canon EOS 400D. My Canon PowerShot S2 IS was in my office bag as usual. Then when we took our cameras out and went to his apartment’s balcony to see the wonderful full moon rise over the buildings that decorate the Dubai Creek. I tried photos with various shutter speed time and came these results from my Canon PowerShot S2 IS. The above photo is taken with a shutter speed of 15 seconds and aperture of F8.0, ISO50 and manual focus mode.

You can see the trail of a flight that took off from Dubai International airport in the bottom left quadrant that flew across the angle of view during the long exposure. The blinking light gave in-between white spots to the trail as you see in the above picture. You can see a small trail of another flight, in the photograph below.

Alligatoridae again in Koodalkadavu

It was heavily raining in Payyampally, and through out Kerala even in the month of September. Rivers were over flowing through out the monsoon. I enquired and came to know that still it is raining in the same way at my home land. During my short vacation of two weeks, Baby chettan called me up on day saying that he spotted on alligator in the river – Koodalkadavu. I was not well, and in a good mood to run for photography craze, but still managed to go and take it. Motivation makes me not rest. And I got these photographs. This place is very near to Kuruvadweep as I have mentioned in other posts.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Martian Sunset

The red color reminded me about the sunset in Mars that are featured in “NASA - Picture of the day” website. These photos are taken from Near Valliyoorkavu (Arattuthara) on an evening of September. It was heavily raining in Wayanad then, but the sun shined for sometime in the evening, making the sky looks amazingly beautiful.