Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Thirunelli Temple - Wayanad

==>Trip to Thirunelli temple



Thirunelli temple is situated in North Wayanad about 30 km away from Mananthavady. Its a place of tourist attraction for a long time. Its a place of charming silent beauty. Another attractions are the Papanasini river and Pakshipathalam.

The people belonging to the Hindu religion do their forefathers "Balikarma" in Papanasini River. Hindus believe that one who baths in this river gets relieved from all sins. The beautiful snowy mountains and the evergreen forest adds to the beaty.

The other attraction Pakshipathalam is a cave situated in the nearby forest to the temple. We should climb up the mountain 2-3 km from the temple to reach this place. No one has went into this deep cave, since its very dark and narrow. The cave is filled with lots of birds and bats. In the language Malayalam a bird is called "Pakshi" and uderground is called "Pathalam". Thus the name "Pakshipathalam" formed.

Nagarhola is a nearby tourist place which is situated in Karnataka state, and is a wild life sanctuary. There we can see animals like elephant, deers, monkeys, bison, pea-cocks, fox, jackals etc.


  1. we had been to this place(papnashini and pakshipathalam) when we were in 3rd sem. The places are awesome. Had never seen smth of that sort b4 or after.....was just goin through your old posts....

  2. tht temple premises is bein spoiled these days... i used to b a regular visitor for some ten yrs... tht natural splendor s bein looted..

  3. Being a native of wynad I enjoyed your website. The photos have been so natural which i have admired.
    I belong to manathavady and my education was in manathavady govt high school.

  4. Dear Anonymous Reader from Wayanad,

    Thanks for visiting and leaving the comment.

    I am from Payyampally and I did my schooling at MGM School and then Payyampally, later, My B.Tech was from Govt. Engineering College MNDY. I feel now lucky that God allowed me to be in Wayanad for a long time.

    Now I am seeing and enjoying Wayanad only when I go on Holidays.

    Please visit again.

    --Deepu George V

  5. Dear Deepu George

    Thankyou very much for your prompt reply. I was born and brought up in Mananthavady. Now I am abroad with my son.

    Many of our relatives are still in Mananthavady. Two months ago, I went to Mananthavady ... lot of change.

    Please post any picture of Mananthavady high school if you have any ... It is my school.

  6. Dear Anonymous reader,

    As of now, I don't have any pictures with me of Mananthavady High School. Hope Next time when I visit Wayanad, I will be able to capture some good pictures of the school and be able to Post it. May be, in an article that talks about Mananthavady, the nearest town to my village, and the most visited town in Wayanad by me. :)

    --Deepu George V