Monday, April 12, 2010

Crepescular Sunset

In this picture, you can see a few lights from the valley below Nandi Hills (80 kms from Bangalore) and a couple enjoying the crepuscular rays that was visible just after a spectacular sunset.

Last Sunset of 2009 from Varthur Kere

This picture (the last sunset of 2009 from Bangalore) is taken from the road that connects Varthur and Whitefield. The lake seen in this picture is VarthurKere (Kere means lake).

Flower Pots

Got these snap from the compound of a house near Myladipara in Kalpetta. Myladipara can be seen from the ground of S.K.M.J school , Kalpetta. The name Myladipara stands for “A rock where peacocks dance” in Malayalam. This rock which can be viewed from the school ground of S.K.M.J school is almost half a piece of a giant spherical globe, which is bigger than a usual hill. The perfect sphere shape makes it difficult to climb it from the bottom directly uphill. This rock is a favorite spot for picnics, as well as many have lost their lives being slipped and fallen from the top of the hill.

A structure can be seen on the top of the hill with a small dome over it, which is actually a place used by Jains for their annual festival. Jains gather together from various part of India (more specifically South India) to celebrate the annual event, and they are in the process of acquiring enough fund to build a beautiful temple on top of this rock, according to the locals.