Friday, December 31, 2010


Blogger caught this picture of this lonely signal post in from a typical Californian road.

Giant Screen

The blogger got this picture of the Giant movie Screen from one of the biggest shopping mall in Dubai.

Back In Dubai

When the blogger visited Dubai again after 2 years and 9 months, the face of Dubai changed a lot. The tallest building you see in this picture (as well as in the world as of now) was under construction then.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Old Movie Camera

The blogger got this picture during his California Trip. The big boss of the office building where the blogger worked there owned this and the blogger was told that it the great man who invented this camera is his great father.

Climate Change


The blogger caught the same location in his camera at different time of the year and here you see the difference. The first picture was caught on a near harvest season for paddy on a fine evening when the moon was also visible up in the sky. The bamboo blossomed at that time and you can see the so called tallest grass in yellow color because of that. The second picture was taken after around 2 years on a rainy season, when the sky was little bit clear on another evening. You can see the effect of climate change in these pictures as well as the effect of bamboo blossom. The bamboo will perish after it blooms which is seen in the second picture. This will cause a temporary dry years in the forest. The blogger had already published the first picture in the post named “Bamboo Blossom and The Moon”. The location is place called Nadavayal in Wayanad district where the bloggers mother house is.

Snake on Roof Tiles


“The snake on the neighbor’s roof” was caught standing from the apartment balcony in Whitefield. It became cautious when its privacy was questioned by the blogger.

Californian Freeway

This is just a video clip that reminds me of my Californian trip back in the month of September 2010.