Friday, August 18, 2006

Tree Houses in Wayanad

Many of my friends in Bangalore have asked me about tree houses in Wayanad. Yes, there are tree houses in Wayanad for tourists. You can see them near Kuruvadweep and many other tourist locations in Wayanad. But the above picture of tree house is entirely different, the purpose, the way they are constructed etc. These kinds of tree houses are mainly used for guarding the crops from the attack of elephants, wild bores etc and some times guarding from human thieves. It is a very good experience to spend one night in one of these kinds of tree houses.

I remember, during my child hood days, to guard the pepper plantation from theft during the harvest season of pepper, we used to build such kinds of houses and stay in our plantation in these kinds of tree houses. We use to do the same during the time of harvest of coffee beans. Coffee beans need to be dried in sun for many days, before selling out to merchants. It is not feasible to spread the raw coffee beans on the ground or “KALAM” in Malayalam every day and wipe it together and store in the night. Once the beans are spread on the ground, it will be there for days, still it is dried. So we have to guard the beans from theft during nights and we use to build similar kind of tree huts near by the “KALAM”.

The sounds of crickets and other insects along with the sounds of unknown creatures, which we may have never noticed while we sleep in our home, make the experience unique. However hot the climate is, we won’t feel the heat during night, if we stay in these kinds of houses, which proves that our houses are not eco friendly, or good in controlling the climate.


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