Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Can we call this picture Freedom? We are not really FREE just when we are ruled over by politicians and so called “baboos” run by money making mafias instead of some foreigners. (A falcon flying free)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Love Nature and Live Happily

You cannot live alone in a concrete house in a concrete jungle for the rest of your life. You may get mad and commit suicide even. But you will be able to live in nature for ever without any company. The nature will give you company for ever, and you will never feel alone. Protect the nature around you so that you may live happily. Beware of go green drama played by concrete jungle living humans. People believe that putting a CFL lamp instead of a traditional incandescent lamp have done their part towards protecting nature. Some others believe that painting the walls in green color will do it. Some others believe that writing somewhere “Save Tigers”, “Go Green”, “Save Nature” etc will do the purpose. How many have really thought about the cost and toxic materials involved in creation of a CFL lamp compared to the incandescent lamp or what we called the “electric bulb”? I look forward to go back and live in my village like place in my old age, where there won’t be 24 hours connectivity always. I want to feel the beauty of silence, nature and darkness in night. I have started doing my work towards it. I dream of getting out from a place like Bangalore, or any cities in the world where clogging is thought as development. What about you?