Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Love Story


She was in my mind,
Don't know from when onwards,
One day I found her,
I loved her so much.

I gave everything she asked,
I did everything she asked,
I fought with others on her side,
I gave many things which she never asked.

She smiled at me,
She ate with me,
She sang with me,
She danced with me.

Days went by; her mind changed a lot,
She didn't turn up, she felt bored with me,
I offered her company, but with friends she felt better,
She felt my love as a jail for her wishes.

I never asked her anything back,
But wished she talked to me.
Never had I wished she do something back,
But I wished she be a friend to me.

I forgot my family, I forgot my position,
I forgot my fame, I forgot myself,
I begged her, she beat me,
I cried a lot, she never listened.

I felt great pain, she never knew,
I was humiliated, she never cared,
I split my blood, she turned her face,
I offered my life, she was happy that it is over.

Up in the heaven, I am waiting for her ever,
Up in the heaven, I own a beautiful house,
Made it awesome, forgot my pain,
I wished she should feel glorious here,
Because I am in Love.

Please Read Chapter Two Here ==>CHAPTER - II (Final).

Monday, May 22, 2006

Shimoga Trip – Spectrum’s Second Anniversary Celebration

Spectrum completed two years in MindTree Consulting Pvt. Ltd. Spectrum consists of the off-campus batch consisting 31 members who joined MindTree Consulting Pvt. Ltd. on 19th April 2004. After two years our strength diminished to 25%. Even between work pressures, though we are working in different projects for different customers at different places, we occasionally gather together to celebrate some occasions between us. When we celebrated Spectrum’s first anniversary in MindTree we conducted a get together at our cafeteria and invited Subroto Bagchi, Babuji Abraham, some of those who gave training to us in MindTree and people function representatives. This year, we were not is a situation to gather together like the previous year, since were working in different offices of MindTree as well as we were spread out in different geographies. So we planned an unofficial spectrum trip to Shimoga, the home town of Shilpa Revankar – one of us.

Sunset view from Kemmangundi Hill station

Thanks to Shilpa; who organized the trip very well, planned the locations to visit, arranged the stay and dine, cabs for traveling in and around Shimoga. We will never forget the delicious dishes; Shilpa and her family (father, mother, brother and sister) prepared for us during our stay at Shimoga.

We were not able to cover all the exotic tourist locations around Shimoga in two days. We spent almost the first day completely at Kemmangundi – a hill station. We trekked through the mountains, visited a temple, climbed up the hill against a small stream that formed small water falls here and there then watched the sun set from the top of the hill station.

Few snaps from Kemmangundi

The second day we went to Honneramaradu, back water of dam, where visitors are provided small boats of different sizes and shapes, as well as swimming suits using which one can float on top of the water, which were very helpful to those who don’t know swimming. Unfortunately we were only allowed boat rides since those facilities require advanced booking from Bangalore – Lalbagh botanical garden. On the way back, we visited a wild life safari park, the load cry of the pea-cock still echoes in our mind. We had a safari and saw lot of lions, tigers and other animals in the park.

The two day program at Shimoga was remarkable, the climate is very good. Even though it was summer time, we never felt tired of the heat of the sun.

Some more Snaps from Shimoga