Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dancing Fountain near Burj Khalifa Dubai

The blogger visited Dubai once again. He was on his way to California, when he missed the connection flight from Dubai. Emirates arranged the stay for the blogger in New Millennium hotel till next day where he had to board the next flight. The blogger’s intimate friend (Jaison) picked him from the hotel and roamed around Dubai. Jaison and blogger shared their golden memories in Dubai and the blogger enjoyed the new face of Dubai. They were working together in Emirates IT, when there were no Metro train, Burj Khalifa was under construction, palm Islands were not ready… The bloggers colleague Rudresh was also part of this fun trip in Dubai, who was also flying from Bangalore to California. The blogger found very difficult to shoot this video with his canon still camera. When he came out of the chilled air in shopping mall to the hot summer climate outside, his camera lens got fogged too much because of the high humid air. The tiny water sprinkled from the dancing fountain added to the foggy look of this video. More information about this wonderful fountain can be seen in the Wikipedia link :

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Street Musician at Santa Monica Pier

Street musicians; we saw many on the beach. They keep on playing sweet music along with that, they sell the CDs. Here in the above video, you can see the musicians’ dog on top of the loudspeaker next to him. The dog was guarding his things, and it was an interesting scene.