Thursday, March 13, 2008

Another Sunset from Wayanad Mysore road

The above sunset picture is taken, while I was traveling to Mysore from Mananthavady along with my mother and wife. We were about to get the Mysore – Chennai Cauvery express. As usual the Mananthavady Mysore bus trip was cancelled due to bus break down at bad road stretch from Wayanad border (Bavali) till H.D. Kotte. So we took a taxi to Mysore from Wayanad. It took a different route than the usual one. From Kartikulam, we diverted to Nagarhole route, and reached H.D. Kotte, and then we traveled to Mysore in the usual route. The road from Bavali till H.D. Kotte is in a very bad state for more than a decade I think. The repairing/ re-tarring of the road is objected using court orders by some one stating silly reasons, which now is considered for some hidden personal benefits.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Tough Honey Breakfast

Note that in the above picture, the honey sucking bird is having green color in its body, blue and red feathers, as well few dark feathers in its tail. The picture is taken from my home town Payyampally. Having a honey breakfast like this makes the bird full. It reminds me about my childhood days where we used to have the honey of the plantain flower. But for this bird it turned to be a tough one. Let us see how it was made tough in the following pictures.

The bird is disturbed by three intruders.
1. You can see the crow behind the scene. (Out of focus).
2. You can see small flies scattered in the air around the scene. Perhaps the flies may also contribute as side dishes to the bird
3. Last but not the lease, it is me, trying to scare the bird by approaching with a camera.

In the above picture, you can see the crow watching the bird from behind the scene, the plantain and the bird is out of focus, as I focused the crow behind the scene. I love the 12x zoom of Canon Powershot S2 IS as well as the 1.5x teleconvertor (TC-DC58B)

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Sunset @ Bangalore-Mysore Road

This sunset picture was taken during my ride to my home town in Wayanad from Bangalore via Mysore on February 29th of 2008.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Honey Bee @ Nandi Hills

The above pictures were taken while me and my wife visited Nandi Hills along with my friend Sumod. Bee hives are common in Bangalore, not only in trees, but also in most of the tall concrete structures.