Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Kurisumala (Wayanad dist) Amazing landscape

On December 12 2004, I visited Kurisumala which is a hill situated very near to the Mysore forest. It is near to the border of Wayanad district. From the top of the montain(I think I can call it a Mountain) on one side we can see the beautiful Assam Brooke tea estate and on the east side we can see mountains which is actually Mysore forest. If we are lucky enough we can see roaming herds of elephant. But its dangerous in the sense, these elephants may some time climb up and reach Kurisumala. The people working in the tea estate will help us to know whether elephants are there currently on the top of Kurisumala

I went there along with my cousin Jose Abins Joseph, who is currently working in MindTree counsulting Pvt ltd, and along with Rajesh P K who is working as a lecturer in computer science of MCA Centre Muttil. Rajesh is staying near to the estate, who had been to this mountain probably more than 1000 times from his childhood.

I have a few photos which are actually reduced in size. If anybody wants the full size photos, mail me.

Clicking on the image will show some more bigger picture

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  1. Kurisumala is really awesome. Looking forward 2 b there soon - Sunitha