Friday, November 19, 2004

Don't care for the order of spelling

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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Thirunelli Temple - Wayanad

==>Trip to Thirunelli temple



Thirunelli temple is situated in North Wayanad about 30 km away from Mananthavady. Its a place of tourist attraction for a long time. Its a place of charming silent beauty. Another attractions are the Papanasini river and Pakshipathalam.

The people belonging to the Hindu religion do their forefathers "Balikarma" in Papanasini River. Hindus believe that one who baths in this river gets relieved from all sins. The beautiful snowy mountains and the evergreen forest adds to the beaty.

The other attraction Pakshipathalam is a cave situated in the nearby forest to the temple. We should climb up the mountain 2-3 km from the temple to reach this place. No one has went into this deep cave, since its very dark and narrow. The cave is filled with lots of birds and bats. In the language Malayalam a bird is called "Pakshi" and uderground is called "Pathalam". Thus the name "Pakshipathalam" formed.

Nagarhola is a nearby tourist place which is situated in Karnataka state, and is a wild life sanctuary. There we can see animals like elephant, deers, monkeys, bison, pea-cocks, fox, jackals etc.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Last week, I visited Sullurpetta which is situated in Andha Pradesh. Its the nearest railway station to Sriharikotta- India's Rocket Launching station(ISRO). There I stayed with my brother Biju and family who is working as a scientist in ISRO.

My Brother And Family

This place is situated very near to the sea. Due to depression it was heavily raining throughout the day. Any way I a managed to see the near by places.

Naidupetta which is 7 km from Sullurpetta is a famous birds sanctuary.

Lots of migrating birds like flemingos visits this place during the months June to January. We can also see birds in the shallow waters on two sides of the way from Sullupetta to ISRO. Now the climate is very nice. But after 3 more months the temperature will rise upto 45-50 degree celcius. At that time its horrible to visit this place

Few Other Photos From The Location


Flemingos In The Lake Surrounding Road to ISRO

A Migrating Bird Near My Brothers House

Flemingos In the Nearby Paddy Field