Sunday, February 01, 2009

Colours of Nature

I got these two pictures from NICE road (Electronic City to Bannerghatta Road). You can see the design created by rain water streaming down through the wall. The darker color of the soil on the upper part is due the wet soil. The picture was taken on a fine evening around 5:00 PM.

The Hornbill

I got this picture from Kalpetta, when I spent the Christmas Day of 2008 at my wife house. There are a lot of Hornbills found there, and it is very interesting to listen to the loud crying sound of this bird through out the day.

The Winter Effect

Just another beautiful day in Wayanad gave me this photograph, which I would like to name as the Winter Effect. I got this picture from the bank of Karalad Lake near Kavumandam in Wayanad.

Padinjarathara Dam

The Padinjarathara Dam is a good place for a picnic in Wayanad.

The Lantern

This sunset view, I got from my home town Payyampally during my last Christmas vacation.

A Fire

The fire lasted for two days. I was able to see smoke coming from the area even after a week. This location is situated on the left of NICE road from Electronic City to Bannerghatta road.

Cloud Designs

I got this picture on a fine January morning while going to office from Electronic city to Mysore road through the NICE highway. The clouds that appeared in the Horizon looked like a wall.

A December Sunset View From Bangalore

I got this beautiful sunset view from Pattanigare - Bangalore

Our Nature Satellite

Still people love to make myths around our only natural satellite, the Moon.