Friday, March 10, 2006

Wayanad Trip - Part II - Kuruvadweep

Kabani River Flowing near Kruvadweep

Kuruvadweep or Kuruva Isaland is just 3 kilometers away from my home. I have already posted some photos from the nearby places but not rom Kuruvadweep. ==>Previous Post on Kuruvadweep Kabani river get divided into two first, then five rivers, and at last these separate rivers meets together, the Island formed by the pieces of land beneath these rivers is Kuruvadweep - A land covered with dense greenaries, rivers and lakes in between.

Rivers Inside Kuruvadweep

Kuruvadweep is ideal for a one day picnic. Walking through the dense trees between rivers and by corssing the rivers is different experience. Inside the river, if we carefully watch, we can spot lot of orchids of hundreds of types. Kuruvadweep is preserved by the department of forest and special permission is required to go inside the land.

Trees of different shapes in Kuruva

Kuruvadweep is situated near the border of Payyampally and Pulpally Panchayath. Two river - "Manathavady Puzha" and "Panamaram Puzha" joins together at "Koodalkadavu" to form Kabani river. From there the river flows towards Karnataka. A good resort is coming up near kuruvadweep and recently tree houses are also built near the bank of the river.

Some more view of the rivers

Kuruwadweep s about 15 kms from Manathavady, Pulpally or Panamaram. Some parts of these rivers are very deep, may be more than 2 or 3 times the heigt of an average human. So travellers should be careful while getting into the rivers inside. Very rarely we can see corcodiles in the nearby places, but they have never attacked humans and vice versa, they always make sure they stay away from humans. Elephants pass through this place very rarely from the nearby forests. The land is very safe for picnic except for the deep rivers.

Some more snaps from Kuruvadweep

Update on 2nd Feb 2007
In the above picture you can see the Kabani River splitting into two and joining together after a while to create the wonderful 950 acres island – Kuruvadweep. There after you can see the joined river flowing towards the North East corner towards Karnataka.

Update on 2nd Feb 2007
In the above picture you can see the two rivers – Manathavady River and Panamaram River joining together to form the Koodalkadavu. The two bridges which is clearly visible connects Payyampally and Cherukattoor, then Cherukattoor and Pulpally. The distance to Pulpally is reduced to 15 kilometers from 35 kilometers after these two bridges were established.


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