Friday, September 22, 2006

Pookot Lake – On a Rainy Day

“Another interesting tourist attraction centre of Wayanad”, this description will not do enough justice to the beautiful lake situated near the entrance of Wayanad from Calicut. It was a rainy evening, when we drove to this place and took these photos.

I expected the place to be closed and haunted in the evening, but to my surprise I found lot of people there, even from other states of India, spending their evening in boating through the lake and having hot coffee/ snacks from the nearby counters after getting soaked in the monsoon rain. The lake was on its maximum capacity of water and was over flowing in the rain.

The main attraction of this lake is the boating, but a walk through the greenish shade covered narrow road which surrounds the lake is a great experience. Some parts of the road were covered with water and I got my shoes wet, since the lake was over flowing. There is a good tea/ coffee counter near by the lake where we got hot coffee and snacks which valued a lot in the cold chilling rainy climate.

Near by the snacks counter, there was a small shop that sold hand made objects out of bamboo and other forest products and other products like honey, and lot of usual things that we see in any tourist location in Wayanad. A fish museum was nearby but the chilling whether didn’t allow me to stay there too long, since I already had a walk around the lake and was soaked in the rain water.

The Ghat section road that connects Wayanad and Calicut, the view point situated at the top of the ghat section and the Chain Tree or the “Changala Maram” which now is renamed as Changala Muneeswaran Temple are some other attractions very close by to this location. There Chain Tree is nothing but a big chain hanging down from a Banyan Tree.

The View Point at Ghat Section

People believe the following story about this Chain Tree.
Long back ago, when the British people where fighting against the Indian rulers, they faced a big threat from Pazhassi Raja, because the British soldiers where not able to defend the bow and arrow attack of Pazhassi’s army who hided behind the trees and mountains of this Ghat section. There was no road that leads to the top of the mountain, so that the British army was not able to climb up and fight in the plane grounds. But they found one man belonging to a local tribe climbing up the mountain and the Captain of the army got to know about how to reach the top of the mountain, but killed the man in order to get the fame of discovering a new path. Long after that, when the road was developed and was better for commutation, lot of accidents happened in the Ghat section (obvious in a narrow Ghat section) and people believed that the soul of the killed man was making those accidents. Now people believe that the soul of the man is tied to this Banyan tree with the long chain so that no more accidents will ever happen. Very recently, probably within the duration of last five years, it got renamed as Changala Muneeswaran Kovil. It is always interesting to know about how local traditions and religious beliefs get evolved.

The curling Hair Pin Bends in Ghat Section


  1. Pookot Lake is truely Wynad's beauty queen .
    How do you print ur name in the picture??

  2. Runcy, I am using the Open source software - 'GIMP' to resize and water mark the images. Thanks for visiting and for the comments.

  3. Adangi othungi oru sthalathu irunnonam... vallathe thendi nadakkaruth.. oru camera undennu vech enthum aakam ennano? ingane pokaanel camera jnan thirichu vangum.. paranjekkam..

    he hheee..

    Adipoli aanu photos.. oru professional touch undu.. Keep on publishing.. now I am able to see images from the blog itself..

    All the wishes

  4. Thank you for the comments Naseer,

    Now I am not using flickr to upload the photos..
    Now I am using

    So that it is not blocked in gulf countires and you can see the pictures.


  5. hi deepu...
    its been some time since my last visit to ur blog...

    m not surprised( u aiways had amazin photos).....

    cheers n ciao


  6. Hi Dileep,
    Thank you for the comments.
    I will be publishing more pictures in the next one.

    Yesterday I got some additional lens for my canon camera, which I ordered last month.
    Hope I can take beautiful snaps which satisfies all the readers of my blog

  7. hey thanks for the story u put up abu the chain tree...
    i had been to wyanad on a college trip few weeks back n we were taken to the chain tree,unfortunately our guide couldnt tell us the story behind it(he didnt know i guess he he)
    so he cooked up something n ended saying a britisher was tied to it as a punishment for doing something really bad,poor guy couldnt make up a really bad situation to be tied up to narrate to us...
    wyanad was truely beautiful,decided to take a road trip once again seein ur blog..
    ciao,keep road trippin!!

  8. Hi Sunitha,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for the comments.
    I really appreciate your efforts to find out the true story behind the chain story.
    Hope you described the real story about the chain tree to all your friends who visited the place.

    I always felt bad when people from other places believed wrong stories and had wrong ideas about Wayanad, my beautiful native place.

    One of the aims of my blogging was to tell about Wayanad in more and truthful way so that all people outside Wayanad will come to know the truth about this heavenly place. This place always remained unreachable which accounted to truth less stories spreading around the world.

    Now I am feeling that my ambitions are getting light, when people like you come to my blog and search facts about Wayanad.

    If you are planning to visit Wayanad again, I am happy to provide more information about the place and I can provide in detail where and all you can go and have mountaineering, trekking etc.

    Yep, as you said, I love trekking and road trips, which I always do during holidyas.

    Once again thanks a lot for visiting.

  9. Hi Deepu, Good pictures..n Good discription

  10. Hi Radhika,
    Thanks for visiting and leaving the comments.

    Hope you are from Wayanad

    --Deepu George V



  12. Sorry for the late reply dear Parvez. Chembra peak, lake at the top of Chembra Peak, Muthanga, Pookot Lake, Banasura Sagar Dam, Edakkal caves, Soochipara Water falls, Thirunelli, Thalapuzha Tea Estates... etc are some very good locations in Wayanad

  13. I landed into your blog just to read (via SPF Mail) about the ridiculous bill by retired justice V R Krishna Iyer. I had thought your post concluded it to be under controversy and the old "wise" man is now trying run covering his face. But last 2 sentences again set me quite on fire. But dint comment any as my aptitude with even general news is nil (dont remember when i had read a newspaper)
    Then i started probing and wandering through your blogs and got amazed to see your bloggings.... pics.... collections.... etc, you had captured and blogged every other thing, it may be wildlife or landscape or lunar/sonar beauty or cityscape or other nature and with a very good details and description
    Always wished of visiting Wayanad, am confident it will happen someday
    felt a bit bad seeing the fate of poor krait, bird on a rock amazed me (white colored) lots of hard work is involved :P
    If am to write a blog, you ll be my inspiration

    John K M

  14. Dear John,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving wonderful comments, I liked your attitude - to be nuetral. I also sometimes felt that it is better not to look at the media, because the news that comes in the media leaves me in a provoked or restless state of mind.

    Hope you will be able to explore all the un-explored and unseen beauty of Wayanad when you make the trip.

    --Deepu George V