Thursday, March 17, 2005

Can I Be A Child Again?

When I was a child, everything seems to be complete. Complete in the sense, suppose I am playing something like pretending to be a cab driver, or pretending to be flying in an airplane with a toy airplane or some kind of silly things in my hand as the aircraft and immitating the sound of the cab or the aircraft, I felt like I was indeed flying an aircraft, or the taxicab. Whatever I was doing then, my mind was completely satisfied with it. I might be playing with a small football or something in my courtyard, alone, but my mind was satisfied with my own world.

As we grow older, it will become difficult to satisfy our mind. A 15 year boy or a grown up man, can never get the feeling that he is controlling a plane by playing with a toy. And if he or she is feeling the completeness in doing like that in an older stage of life, others will mark the human being as mad. Does it mean that, being satisfied with what we are means that are we mad!!!!! Or if a human being can never be satisfied with what he is doing, then is he a normal man???

A beautiful painting done by a small kid will be complete for him. If the kid draw a house, and the surroundings, with some domestic animals around, chimney at the top of the house, some trees near the house, a rainbow in the sky, a few birds flying in the sky, some distant mountains, some fussy clouds in the sky, it is perfect for him or her. But to an yelderly human, the picture may seems to be having broken lines, may not be perspectively correct, the ratio between the objects cannot be real, the color may not be perfect, the 3D may not be correct and a lot of things not correct.

Now I feel nostalgia about my childhood. Everyone wishes to be a perfect man or a perfect women. But as we grow up, we are becoming more imperfect. We were perfect in our childhood. I love remembering my childhood days. When can I become a child again? Jesus loved children very much. Every one likes to play with kids and every one will act like a kid when they are extremely happy. So, be a perfect child, love children, act like them atleast when you are alone.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Scenic Overlook

This is a superb photo blog which I came across while surfing the blogs.
Click here ==>Scenic Overlook

Photography is a thing which I liked mostly as a hobby but due to many constraints, I was not able to continue it.

Here is another blog which contains a lot of extraterrestrial pictures

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Perspective Really Matters

It is very interesting to watch beautiful landscapes from a very high altitude. I will never miss an oppurtunity to climb a hill or a tall building and watch from above.

I really like to climb up a hill or mountain alone or with one or two of my friends, who really can enjoy the natural beauty and I have did it many times. From the height, away from all problems, all noices, spenting a lot of time looking at the distant mountains and the landscapes, its a wonderful moment for me. I will almost forget about me.

Looking from above always create a different view of our life. When viewing from above the tiny houses, roads and man moving like a very small creature, I always felt that there is no meaning in our worries, hatred, greed etc. The world is beautiful, our life is beautiful, we are nothing compated to the earth and the universe.

Actually prespective really matters, when we think about our daily routines and other problems, worry for some useless unknown thing will start growing in our mind and we will start running for something, but we are not sure what are we trying to achive. But looking from a different angle will change the course of our life. I advice, 'always look from the top, widen our thoughts, give space in our minds to others thougts, let our view be widened, so that everything related to our life, come into the picture in our mind. Always have a top view'.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Tribute to Raveendran

Tibute to Raveendran, who still lives in the heart of all Malayalees in the form of his music.
His music created a legend in Malayalam film songs.
He came into the field wishing to be a play back singer.
But he became the most respected and praised music director.
People of Kerala will remember him forever and listen to his song forever..
He will live for ever in our heart.

To non- malayalee readers : Most of the nice songs in Malayalam film music is directed by Raveendran. Now I am listening to one of his Song, along with composing this post. Raveendran passed away on 3rd March 2005. When ever you get a chance to listen Malayalam film songs, try Raveendran's music.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

One Day Trip To Muthathi

We (Abins and Me) went to Muthathi,a beautiful place, 80kms away from Bangalore on 2005 February 20. We started the bike journey at 9.00 pm and reached there arond 12.00 pm. If we have avoided intermediate rest, we could have reached there by 11.0 am. We reached there by riding through the road which leads to Dindigal.

It took almost 15 kms jounrey from the highway to reach the place. The main attraction of the place is the beautiful calm river, away from the noisy urban area which flows through the valley of the mountains. Its a wonderful experience to watch the sunset and sunrise from the top of the mountains. But we reached there very late and time and other constraints didn't allow us to camp there over-night.

The river at Muthathi (Cavery)

The climate was too hot while we visited the place. So we spent a lot of time in the river. The trees surrounding the river were green, but the other trees which covered the mountains have shed their leaves and summer forest fire also made the surroundings too hot. It would be avesome if one could visit the place around October or November. At that time the climate will be cool and the surroundigs will be green.

There is a natural fishing camp near the place, but we were not able to enjoy fishing since, it required pre-booking We started our return journey at 4.00 pm and reached Bangalore around 6.30 pm. The one bad thing about the place is that there is no immediate help of anykind available nearby the place(Its a very remote place.) And there is no any means to have food.

Here are some photos from the location.
Click on the thumbnails to get the larger picture

Common Sense

I came across this blog while surfing thoroug the member blogs in blogexplosion.
I appreciate the way he view's the other nations.
Currently so many nations are in fear that US may invade them at any time if they find something useful in their nation.
And I feel that American's should be willing to understand facts like how other nations look upon them.

Click on the link below to go to the blog mentioned above.
==>Common Sense