Friday, June 22, 2007


Let the light in our hearts be there even when this lanterns burns out… Photo is taken from Jumeriah beach 1, during my usual 1 hour evening walk.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Moon Venus Occultation

Occultation is the passage of a celestial body across a line between an observer and an object in the solar system. Otherwise occultation is the eclipse of one celestial object by another one. On 18th of June 2007, I did not go for my regular evening walk due to some unavoidable reasons. I usually go for the walk with my camera in my hand on the expectation of clicking something interesting, beautiful or strange. Luckily I did not miss this event. My class mate and friend, Naseer T P who is staying in Sharjah, called me up and informed that some events are happening in the sky which will be interesting to me. Moon and another planet so close when looked from the earth! I got dressed up immediately and went out with camera and accessories not to miss the event. When I reached out of my building, I saw some, watching this event, some one taking snaps using mobile cameras and all.

Combined 18x optical zoom of Canon PowerShot S2 IS with the teleconverter TC-DC58B and the additional 4x digital zoom gave me the following images. Since I was not equipped with a tripod, it was difficult to take the image shake free and hold the camera steady at the desired angle. Since only the crescent of the moon is visible, the luminosity was less, making the automatic shutter speed adjust to 1/8 of a second, so I shifted to custom mode, first did a focus lock, which helped me to take more pictures in the short time span. I manually decreased the shutter speed, which gave me the image of Moon and Venus in strange colors as you see in the images above and below. I clicked almost 370 images of this, using the continuous shooting mode of the camera, which gave me some good images, which are shared here. Now I believe that its time for me to shift to a D-SLR one.

When I started my IT career in Bangalore, I remember one day I witnessing the same event on an evening with clear sky, while I was coming back home after buying milk. Abins’s mother told me the importance of occultation of Venus by Moon. She was an expert in this subject. That time I did not had a camera with me to capture the wonderful event. Later I learned that the event happens very rarely, now when I did a Google research I found that Venus trajectory made lot of interesting happenings in the last one or two weeks, and is about to make more in the coming days. But occultation of Venus by Moon is the most prominent one and that can be viewed very easily and with naked eye.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

The other extreme

Dubai is looking for new heights. You can see the Emirates towers – the pride of Dubai in the first picture. In between the two towers you can see the new building under construction, which on completion will be the world’s tallest building. Even when Dubai is looking for better heights, lot of other problems are becoming real head ache to the rulers. One is the traffic increasing day by day. Metro is coming up, but people do not believe that Metro will solve the problem.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Freedom of the Architect

What is the limitation imposed on an architect who designs buildings? Perhaps Gravity may be one of them. Cost and time needed to completion of the construction no more stops him. The pictures given above and below are the proof of the same. These are some real examples of the freedom enjoyed by an Architect. These buildings are situated in Shaik Saed Road, Dubai, were every building must be unique and is, and is very tall.

Some more buildings, don’t know what shape it will take on completion.