Thursday, June 29, 2006

Α to Ω

Stars shined up in the sky,

Dew drops decorated the plants,

Birds started singing at twilight,

There was a warm welcome,

The morning was fine,

There were no clouds,

Curiosity guided through,

The sun rays heated up.
Every thing turned up difficult,

Nobody is welcoming,

The sun rays are scorching,

Confusion and desire guided through,

Satisfaction never turned up.

It will be evening soon,

Knowledge will kill curiosity,

Satisfaction will kill desire,

Peace will guide through,

Sky and sun will be golden,

Birds will be singing again,

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Experiments With Canon Powershot S2 IS

Monsoon Sky at 7:00 PM

Shutter speed, exposure, aperture and ISO mode manually selected

In simple words, Canon Powershot S2 IS a superb one especially for those who like high end digital cameras. I bought this camera very recently and the photo now you are seeing in the blog is my experiments with the camera on the first day. Those who look for a sleek compact digital camera, Powershot S2 IS will not be the one. It is a little bit heavy and we can nearly achieve the perfection of a SLR camera with this model. The weight of the camera gives better stability while we take hand held telephotos, apart from the Image Stabilization (IS) modules help.

The Jasmine Bud

Everything adjusted manually (Shutter speed, Exposure, Aperture, Focus & ISO Mode)

The special shooting modes of the camera are really great. Sepia, color accent, color swap, custom colors, black & white, foliage, night scene, snow scene, fire works etc helps the photographer to create wonderful pictures. The image stabilization module works very well which allows us to take pictures at complete 12x zoom range or the 48x digital and optical combined zoom range without the picture being shaken. The quality of video is amazing as well as the quality of the recorded sound.

The LCD which can be tilted to any angle like the one in a camcorder is very useful; especially to take photographs from difficult angles. The camera is also powered with an electronic view finder, so that we can turn of the LCD screen and use the view finder to save the battery power, which means a lot in case of out door trips. The camera can be switched to movie mood any time and snaps can be taken while recording a movie.

Powershot S2 IS also supports additional lenses like telephoto lens, wide angle lens and super macro lens that improve the functionality a lot.

Picutres taken using the color accent feature

For better results I suggest using a high speed memory card as well as the canon CBK4-200 rechargeable batteries. The camera supports additional flashes but can be operated only in a slave mode; which means the secondary flash will only fire when the built in flash fires. The camera comes with a built-in AF assist lamp, but cannot be used for night animal photography since the light will be disturbing the animals. It would have been better if they provided an infrared AF assist lamp.

Water drop on the tip of a grass

The super macro mode is used

The camera supports a macro mode using which we can take pictures of objects very close (50 to 10 inches from the lens) and a super macro mode using which we can shoot objects so close as 0 to 10 inches.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Anti Reservation Protest

Do I have some place in India to stand freely on my feet for some time?

Reverse discrimination as it is called by Sri Sri Ravisankar, is it a solution?
After 60 years of independence if there is discrimination on the basis of caste, are we going to adjust that by 'Adjustments'? Does that mean we won't punish those who discriminate?

Do we have a constitution which assures us equal rights regardless of caste, religion, sex or any factor?

Do we really build India by reserving jobs in private sectors too?
==>Read the article here

Will this discrimination on the basis of caste like reservations ever be neutralized?

Will this quota system be reversed after another 50 years; means will there be reservations for what we call the upper caste people too?

Do we have any kind of reserved privileges in nature?

Monday, June 05, 2006

Love Story - Chapter - II (Final)

I suggest dear readers to go through the first chapter again before reading further.
Read first chapter here ==>CHAPTER - I

CHAPTER - II (Final)

We were in his mind,
Before time existed,
One day he created us,
He loved us so much.

He gave everything we asked,
He did everything we asked,
He fought for us against evil,
He gave many things which we never asked.

We smiled with him,
We ate with him,
We sang with him,
We danced with him.

Centuries went by; our mind changed a lot,
We didn't turn back, we felt bored with him,
He offered us friendship, we worshiped his creations,
We felt his love as a jail for our lust.

He never asked anything back,
But wished we talked with him,
Never had he wished, we do something back,
But he wished for ever, we are friends for ever.

He forgot his angels, forgot his almighty resemblance,
He emptied himself, reincarnated as a human,
He begged against evil, we beat him,
He cried against our lust, we never listened.

He felt pain for us, we never knew,
He was humiliated max, we never cared,
Offered his blood & flesh, we turned our face,
We crucified him, so that no more disturbances.

Up in the heaven, in his magnificent house,
Up in the heaven, ever waiting for us,
He forgave everything, forgot the piercing pain,
He wants us to be glorified as him,
Because HE IS LOVE.