Sunday, July 11, 2010


This is where I belong to, but for the last 6 years I am living in cities. I feel like I am a prisoner when I in cities. People of Kerala speak about Wayanad with humiliation on account of the development. But it is a secret that they dream of buying land and living in Wayanad.

Ente Keralam

This beautiful location will make you a photographer (Peruvannamuzhi Dam and surroundings).

Green Nature

Nature is green, but how much? So much!!! How many different green colors can you find there? Countless!!! 24bit or 32bit or any higher bitmap is not going to capture it, but only human eye, another wonderful creation of the creator. When we create anything we are partners with him, and those who destroy or kill never can be in his company.


A scene from the one of the many Wayanad drives that I made in the past 6 years. The “Land of Humps” is making these beautiful drives to be “only a dream” by blocking all the roads from Karnataka to Kerala one by one. This picture is taken early in the morning before sunrise.