Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Stary Sky from Wayanad - December 2008

The above picture was taken from Payyampally during my Christmas vacation. I went to the school play ground of St. Catherine’s HSS around 10.00 PM with my camera and tripod to have this picture. In the above image you can easily spot the familiar constellation in the Sky – The hunter (Orion). Click on the image to get the enlarged version and spot it. In the future I hope to buy a camera and telescope that will help me to have better quality astronomical images. I am in the process of learning about telescopes.

Sky Show - Dececember 2008

The December night Sky of 2008 was ruled by Moon, Jupiter and Venus. The conjunction of these three celestial objects in the formation of the shape of a smiley is already published in the earlier posts. Still the planet Venus stays the brightest object in the evening sky after Sun & Moon. Tomorrow, Planet Venus will be again visible very near to the crescent Moon in the evening. Given above are some pictures taken by hand held shot using my Canon S2 IS. These images were taken during my long driving task from office to home (Mysore road to Electronic City) during the last one months duration.