Thursday, September 21, 2006

Misty Blue Mountains of Wayanad

Wayanad, the land of misty mountains and ever green forest is one among the 14 districts of Kerala, situated at in the North-eastern side of Kerala. The geographical location of Wayanad makes the climate of Wayanad entirely different from the other districts of Kerala. Kerala is a costal region, but Wayanad is a hilly area, the Deccan plateau is border-lined with the Western Ghats near the Arabian Sea and Eastern Ghats in the Eastern side.

Wayanad falls right in the border – the Western Ghat or Sahyaparvatham (Sahya Ghats). The monsoon that starts in June which plays a major role in Kerala never leaves Wayanad without a good rainy season. Even in other seasons, the mountains near the Western border of Wayanad will be covered with mists.

Even though I belong to Wayanad, my fascination about the misty blue mountains of Wayanad never get stopped. The distant view of these various mountains turn much more vivid in the coming months, especially in a bright morning after a rain in the previous day. Some of these snaps of the mountains you are seeing here are taken from Calicut while driving towards Wayanad through the Thamaraserry Ghat road.

My mother had told me once, that during her childhood (that is in the 1950s) people in Wayanad use to wear a woolen cloth even during the mid day to protect them from the chilling cold weather. The climate changed a lot during the last 50 years due to deforestation in Wayanad, as well as the due to the global climate changes.

Ever in your life if you gets an opportunity to trek in one of these mountains, don’t forget to step into a small stream that flows down from the mountain, you will fell the chilling cold water doing magic. If you are able to wash your face or take a bath in the water, you will feel refreshed amazingly, ready for another 10kms trekking.


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