Sunday, August 31, 2008

Men At Work

The above pictures were captured on the Way to Ooty from Masinagudi.

Waiting for the Message from Almighty

Neel and Vishwas is waiting for the message from God (Near Shivanasamudram)

A Peaceful Place

A peaceful scene from Shivanasamudram waterfalls in Karnataka!!!


I visited Masinagudi Jungle Hut resort last month, along with my wife, and another family. We started from Bangalore on a rainy Friday evening. There were many resorts inside the Jungle. We enjoyed the calm and peaceful atmosphere of Masinagudi very much. The only bad thing we had on our trip was the ugly experience of Tamil Nadu police asking for bribe in the border. We reached the Jungle around 10:00 pm and through out the border there were many check posts and temporary check posts where police stopped us and asked for bribe on behalf of entry post. Those people took from us, 10 Rs, 20 Rs, 5 Rs, 100 Rs etc from each check post. To my wonder I found out a sign board when I almost reached Masinagudi, that the Jungle road which we were traveling is closed from 8:00 PM to 6:00 AM in the morning!!! What nonsense!!! Bangalore – Ooty highway road is closed in the night? And that too no sign board before entrance? People should no this only after traveling so far through the jungle? All these mimics were just for the police to get some bribe? I never had such a bad experience in Karnataka – Kerala border, where I have traveled to & fro for more than 100 times either in my car or my friends car, or in my bike, both at night time and day time.

Ooty to Wayanad Drive

These pictures are taken on the way back to Wayanad from Ooty through Meppadi

The Old Man

The picture of this old man is taken from Talakkad in Karnataka.