Sunday, August 15, 2010

Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse that happened on 15th Jan 2010 was an annular eclipse. Scientists calculated that this is the longest annular eclipse of the millennium. The eclipse could be seen in its completeness from Dhanushkodi, the nearest place to Srilanka in India. It was a working day for me, and I went out to see if I can photograph the event. Since, the eclipse was partial in Bangalore; the sun was still brighter so that my camera could not get the actual shape of the eclipsed sun. It only gave the impression of a very bright ball in the picture. I tried with the minimum aperture and maximum shutter speed in my camera (Canon Powershot S2 IS). Still I could not get the actual view. Lot of people assembled there to watch the event. One guy came with an x ray film and helped me to photograph the event. Yes, it worked. I placed the X-Ray film on top of the lens, and adjusted the aperture and shutter speed. After two or three trials, I could compute the required values for aperture and shutter speed, and got these images. Dhanushkodi is an interesting place to visit, a big tragedy happened there long before. You can read about this place in Wikipedia in the link (Dahnushkodi)

More info about this solar eclipse can be found in Wikipedia in the following link. Solar Eclipse - 15th Jan 2010


Wildlife is a soothing scene for our mind. But are we becoming a threat to them, which is again a threat to ourself? Protect them, at least for our own good. This picture is from Wayanad.

Crepuscular rays

Crepuscular rays!!! We always see them, but may not notice the wonder of the nature. It makes us believe that sun is much much close than it is. We may even feel that the sun is just above the clouds by imagining the intersection point of these rays. The picture is from Nandi hills, a beautiful picnic place 70 kilometers away from Bangalore.


Sunset is one of the celestial event that is ever captured the most number of times in photos by humans. These pictures are taken from Electronic city in Bangalore.


Rainbows!!! I use to see it a lot when I was in Wayanad. Yes, I had time to look out and watch the sky in the morning and evening, but now in Bangalore, when I come out of my office, it will be already dark. When am I going back to be there again forever?

The first picture of rainbow is taken from Wayanad, while the second one is from Bangalore.