Saturday, May 17, 2008

Funny Annoying Elephant Calf

This scene was particularly funny. We spotted the elephant herd at a distance of about 100 meters away from the NH212 Wayanad Mysore Highway. Since we were in a safe distance we could freely get out and watch the herd. The small one’s action disturbed the senior one, and it kicked the small elephant calf behind it. A lot of people stopped by and got down to see the elephant herd. But nobody noticed this funny scene, even me. We noticed the scene only when we watched the movie in full screen in my laptop.

Wild Elephants in Muthanga - II

This scene of wild elephants crossing the Sulthan Bathery – Mysore road was a so beautiful. We watched the scene from a safe distance; We were on the way to Bangalore from Wayanad.

Wild Elephants in Muthanga

The summer rains in Wayand made the forest so green, a happy fest to the wild animals. Spotting wild elephants are now a common scene while traveling through the Sulthan Bathery – Mysore road through Muthanga forest. The above video was captured during one of my Bangalore – Wayanad – Bangalore car ride to my home town in Wayanad during weekends.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Beautiful Evening Sky

I got the snap of this beautiful evening sky while traveling from Wayanad to Mysore (during another Wayanad - Bangalore ride) through Sulthan Bathery – Gundalpettu route. Immediately after crossing the forest, we stopped for a break and then I got this picture.