Saturday, August 01, 2009

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another Evening Sky

While driving back home to Electronic City from Global Village Tech. Park, I got this beautiful picture. The sky was even beautiful, but by the time I get out of the car with my camera, it changed drastically.

My Dream Land

The picture is from Koodalkadavu near Kuruvadweep.

The Blossom

The blossom is a beautiful scene on the Way to Wayanad from Mysore. These pictures were taken during another car drive in the early morning with my friend and family to Wayanad. The Karnataka high court ordered a ban on vehicle traffic in this road from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am recently. The forest authorities are claiming that a lot of wild animals are dead in vehicle accident, but no proof, they came up with photos of an elephant calf being hit by a vehicle, but the road shown in the picture is not the same road (Gundlupetta – Sulthan Bathery road).

The Blue Sky

Protect the blue sky, stop environmental pollution.


The water droplets from the heavy monsoon in Wayanad on my car made this image.

The Bright Blue Sky

The sky was extremely blue and bright on that evening, but my camera was not with me. I managed to get this image with my 2mega pixel mobile camera. The clouds were having the silver lining, and the sun was made the crepuscular rays. (Location – Global Village Tech Park, Mysore Road, Bangalore)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sunset from Mysore

On the way back home to Wayanad from Bangalore, while I stopped the car for a break, I got this lovely sunset.

Bangalore Evening Sky

The above sunset pictures are taken from the Uttarahalli main road that connects Kengeri and Uttarahalli. On the way back to home from office on an evening I got these pictures, it was raining for some time there, and then when the rain finished, the evening sky turned to be too reddish.

Natural Beauty

These flowers look very much pretty (Picture taken from Wayanad – Kalpetta).

Stairway to Heaven

This, an old construction among the ruins of the fort of Tippu Sultan (Nandi Hills) looked like a Stairway to Heaven under construction.

The Gardener

It looked to me like he is gardening (Nandi Hills – 70 Kms from Bangalore).

Mushrooms from Nandi Hills

These pictures are from Nandi Hills (70 Kms from Bangalore).

Chameleons of Nandi Hills

These pictures are from Nandi Hills (70 Kms from Bangalore). These creatures are seen a lot on the rocks of Nandi Hills.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mammatus Clouds

I am borrowing the description of Mammatus Clouds from APOD (Astronomy Picture of the Day) website. I am just concluding that the above pictures show Mammatus clouds based on the similarity of the picture hosted in APOD website.

Here goes the description in APOD.

Normal cloud bottoms are flat because moist warm air that rises and cools will condense into water droplets at a very specific temperature, which usually corresponds to a very specific height. After water droplets form that air becomes an opaque cloud. Under some conditions, however, cloud pockets can develop that contain large droplets of water or ice that fall into clear air as they evaporate. Such pockets may occur in turbulent air near a thunderstorm, being seen near the top of an anvil cloud, for example. Resulting mammatus clouds can appear especially dramatic if sunlit from the side.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our Star

The star remains to be ours till now, nobody else have claimed it. We do not know whether we can claim any other stars, as we don’t know if somebody already claimed them.

The Moon

In the first picture, the moon is emerging from an evening thunder cloud. Most of the evenings of last one month were having thunder clouds in the sky and few of them turned into heavy rain for Bangalore.

In the second picture the full moon is seen behind the Contrail left by a Jet.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another Sunset

Another sunset taken from Wayanad-Mysore road.

Bamboo Blossom and The Moon

Why the bamboo is in brown color, when the paddy field is pretty green? It’s because the bamboo is bloomed, which happens only once in it’s life time after which the tallest grass will perish, which causes temporary famine in the forest. The moon can also be seen up above the sky. The picture is taken from near my mother house at Nadavayal (Wayanad).

A Giant Squirrel

This picture of the Giant Squirrel is taken from Muthanga Wild Life sanctuary.

A Very Old Tree

This picture is taken from the forest near my mother’s house in Nadavayal (Wayanad).

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Colours of Nature

I got these two pictures from NICE road (Electronic City to Bannerghatta Road). You can see the design created by rain water streaming down through the wall. The darker color of the soil on the upper part is due the wet soil. The picture was taken on a fine evening around 5:00 PM.

The Hornbill

I got this picture from Kalpetta, when I spent the Christmas Day of 2008 at my wife house. There are a lot of Hornbills found there, and it is very interesting to listen to the loud crying sound of this bird through out the day.

The Winter Effect

Just another beautiful day in Wayanad gave me this photograph, which I would like to name as the Winter Effect. I got this picture from the bank of Karalad Lake near Kavumandam in Wayanad.

Padinjarathara Dam

The Padinjarathara Dam is a good place for a picnic in Wayanad.

The Lantern

This sunset view, I got from my home town Payyampally during my last Christmas vacation.

A Fire

The fire lasted for two days. I was able to see smoke coming from the area even after a week. This location is situated on the left of NICE road from Electronic City to Bannerghatta road.

Cloud Designs

I got this picture on a fine January morning while going to office from Electronic city to Mysore road through the NICE highway. The clouds that appeared in the Horizon looked like a wall.

A December Sunset View From Bangalore

I got this beautiful sunset view from Pattanigare - Bangalore

Our Nature Satellite

Still people love to make myths around our only natural satellite, the Moon.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Stary Sky from Wayanad - December 2008

The above picture was taken from Payyampally during my Christmas vacation. I went to the school play ground of St. Catherine’s HSS around 10.00 PM with my camera and tripod to have this picture. In the above image you can easily spot the familiar constellation in the Sky – The hunter (Orion). Click on the image to get the enlarged version and spot it. In the future I hope to buy a camera and telescope that will help me to have better quality astronomical images. I am in the process of learning about telescopes.

Sky Show - Dececember 2008

The December night Sky of 2008 was ruled by Moon, Jupiter and Venus. The conjunction of these three celestial objects in the formation of the shape of a smiley is already published in the earlier posts. Still the planet Venus stays the brightest object in the evening sky after Sun & Moon. Tomorrow, Planet Venus will be again visible very near to the crescent Moon in the evening. Given above are some pictures taken by hand held shot using my Canon S2 IS. These images were taken during my long driving task from office to home (Mysore road to Electronic City) during the last one months duration.