Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Payyampally; My Village



==>St. Catherine's HSS, Payyampally


WikiMapia Link of Payyampally The map is described at the bottom.

I Live in the beautiful village Payyampaly located near the bank of Kabani, which flows to the east. My village is located in Wayand district which is a hill range area. It does have beautiful landscapes, snowy forests, a fantastic place. I always love to be in my village eventhough I can't because my work place is located in the Garden city of India "Bangalore".

Payyampally is covered with amazing greenaries. I completed my school from payyampally(St Catherine's HSS).
The village is occuppied with Christians, Jains and Hindus. And we have a great tradition of communal Harmony in Payyampally. The silent nature, greenary and the good people always force me to go back to Payyampally and enjoy Payyampally

Update on 1st Feb 2007

Visibility of Payyampally increased, when the place got connected with Pulpally and Cherukattoor, when two new bridges across the Manathavady River and Panamaram River was established. Kuruvadweep turned to be one of the most attractive tourist places in Wayanad and there is little chance that travelers reach Kuruvadweep without entering Payyampally.

Payyampally is inherited mainly by farmers who do have paddy, rubber, ginger, plantain and coffee as the main cultivation. But there are one or two tea plantations also in Payyampally.

St. Catherine’s HSS played an important role in the development and history of Payyampally. ==>St. Catherine's HSS. The school was the only one for the students from neighboring places like Cherukattoor, Arattuthara, Palvelicham etc to complete their high schools. It remains more or less the same till now.

Two main things that Payyampally lacks are a hospital where patients can be hospitalized and treated and a fuel station. Two banks, (Canara Bank and Co-operative bank), a post office, one Ayurvedic Clinic, a higher secondary school (St. Catherine’s HSS) , one public library (Aikyadeepam Vayanasala and the sports and arts club associated with it) and three or four main junctions were some shops are found makes Payyampally 70% self sustained.

Now the nearest fuel refilling station is 5 Kilometers away (Kartikulam) and the nearest hospital with beds is 10 Kilometers away (Mananthavady)

WikiMapia Description - Update on 2nd Feb 2007
The aerial view of Payyampally given above is from The center part of this map shows Payyampally. The big rectangle you see on the bottom part is Oorpally; the square shape you see to the right most part is Kuruvadweep and Koodalkadavu. The top most part is Mananthavady – Mysore road. And the left part is Mananthavady. Marymatha arts and science college is shown in the North West corner.


  1. eda koove nee alu kollamallo
    abhnandanam ninakkabhinandanam abhinandanam abhinandanam

  2. Hi Friends,
    Who ever put the comments, please mention your good name also, to avoid confusion.
    Deepu George V

  3. I visited Payyampally Village some three years ago. I was on the way to Kuruva Island. Yes the greenery is Awesome. I really Liked the village.
    Mathew Johny

  4. Hai Deepus...
    first of all,congrats 4 ur blistering skills dat u shown over here... Now I feel something great about my "PAYYAMPALLY " village ... I also feel proud of being ur Neighbour,school mate and ur close friend... I was really surprised when I saw dis web page as I didn't expect at all......
    its really artistic from a great artist whom I know very well 4 da last 15 to 17 years... once again my whole hearted congrats.. I ll be expecting the updated version always......
    Bestson Ronald Boss K

  5. Dear Thazhatheveetile Kutta,
    First of all thanks a lot for visiting my blog and putting your comments on it. I want people from all parts of world hear about our small, silent and beautiful village, Payyampally, as well as about Wayanad. That is one of my aim behind this creation.
    --Karootte Veetile Kuttan

  6. Hai deepus,
    U could have added some pictures of OUR school,church etc. etc...Right?

  7. hai deepu
    iam allso from wayanad and my +2 is completed in st chatherins h s s
    payyampally. idont know u r exact place. u in payyampally town then u know mammottyka and nasar .
    yes iam son of mammottyka .

    u dont know above names then i intruduce me ashraf from karakkamala mananthavady.
    once u r blog is wonderful and allso the photos especially our school but +2 block is not seen i think ur forget it. that place is very nice
    by see u anywere.

  8. Hi Ashraf, thanks for commenting on the blog. We know very well each other. I have mailed you in the mail id you mentioned in the comments.

  9. Hai Deeeeeeeepuuuuus U.........r......... Fantastic.............

  10. Thankyou........ Uniiiiiicheeeeetttttttoooooooo...

  11. Hi DEEPU
    Adipoli photography congrats
    Expecting more from u

  12. Dear Anonymous reader...

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving the comments. I promise to give my best my blog.

    Please visit again.

    --Deepu George V

  13. Hi Simi,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope I can soon visit Tanzania, especially Arusha and Kilimanjaro

    --Deepu George V

  14. Hallow, you have done a wonderful work. Once nearly twenty years back I had a friend at your place. He was a guitarist and used to perfomed in different choir programme.Again, he was a member of scouts. Do you know him? His name is Thomas. Actually, I am now searching my old friends who are living in alover India but within this twenty years I forget their addresses but still remember their sweet memories.However, I must congratulate you for your photos which are really nice. Thanks.Rb Chaudhuri, Kolkata.

    1. Dear Rb. Chaudhuri,
      I know about three or four very good guitarists from Payyampally, and one Mr. Thomas who is not dwelling in Payyampally now. Is his brother also a guitarist? Is this Thomas some where between 40 and 50 now? And Is he one of the 10 kids of his parents? If so, then we are talking about the same person, and I might be able to help you to get his contact details.
      Deepu George V

    2. Dear RB.Chaudhuri,
      Yesterday I spoke to Mr. Thomas and he remembered you. Actually I was mistaken, Mr. Thomas is also known as Mr. Saju, and I thought that Mr. Thomas is his elder brother who is also a guitarist. I tried to get Thomas's contact number and called my Guitar master, to my surprise, Mr. Thomas was right there with him, they just gathered together for fun after a long time and I called them at the right time.
      I do not want to share his mobile number here in a public comment, I added you to circles in google, if you add me back, I may be able to send it through circle google.
      Mr. Saju (Thomas) is still dwelling in Payyampally only.
      ~Deepu George

    3. Hallow Dipu, Thank you very much for reply. Yes, he is one of his ten brothers and sisters. I don't know whether his brother is a guitarist or not. You have rightly mentioned the age group. As far as I can remember his nick name was Saju. Again thanks.
      I was watching your pictures on transit of venus. You are interested about space science. But which side? Astronomy or recent space expeditions? I have also interest on the both, but my general education become barrier to enhance that interest. However, As far as possibe I read them. I am really interested to know how the universe is expanding.I have gone through a book
      written by Stephen Hawking, and there he says that is through colour of galaxy or star. He says
      that different stars have different spectra of colour. When the stars moving away from our star our galaxy , will have their spectra shifted towards the red end and vice versa will blue. These way physicists proved that the whole Univers is expanding.However, I am also interested to know about RSR (Rohini sounding Rocket and SLV(Satellite Launch Vehicle) etc . I hope you will reply me also in these subjects. Thanks for reply.

    4. Thanks a bunch for the help Dipu. I've added in circles, so hoping to read back from you soon.

      Thanks again!

    5. Dear RB Chaudhuri,

      I ended up creating an album with a picture of Thomas's mobile number and sharing it with you. Please see if you are able to view the album and see his mobile number in it. I couldn't find the option in Google + to chat, and I couldn't find your name in the chat window.
      And yes, I am interested in all sorts of space science, astronomy, deep field surveys, astrography, rocket science, recent explorations by NASA and by ISRO, old exploration stories by US and the U.S.S.R etc.. etc...
      My brother was a scientist in ISRO, and he used to talk a lot about PSLV and GSLVs and all. Luckily I could visit ISRO SHAR (Sriharikotta) a long time back when he was working there and when I was a school student. Not sure how I got interested in this field, long back ago, when I was a kid, my big brother told me the story of the book "Contact" by Carl Sagan and I was very interested in it, and recently I watched the movie based on this science fiction novel. But this could not be the event that build the interest in me during my child hood. I started reading one of Steven Hawking's book but never could complete it. I regularly visit NASA's astronomy picture of the day - web site (APOD), keep track of naked eye visible events like the Venus transit, or planets occultation etc..etc..
      I always try to defend astrologists, and try to make my friends understand the difference between astronomy and astrology and help them to throw away the wrong conceptions.
      I keep on reading a lot of articles in Wikipedia and links that I get from there. Internet is a good source, since I have not got access to a giant telescope data or things like that :).
      I try to take photographs of all visible astronomical events like eclipses, transits, conjugations etc....
      That all about my interest in astronomy.
      ~~Deepu George V

    6. Dear friend, My name is Ruma . My email is You may read two books 1) Wings of Fire by A P J Abdul Kalam, it is an autobiography of him. 2) A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking. Latter we will discuss about astrology and astronomy. Because I also hate astrology. Ruma.

  15. Dear Rb. Chaudhuri,
    I know about three or four very good guitarists from Payyampally, and one Mr. Thomas who is not dwelling in Payyampally now. Is his brother also a guitarist? Is this Thomas some where between 40 and 50 now? And Is he one of the 10 kids of his parents? If so, then we are talking about the same person, and I might be able to help you to get his contact details.

    ~~Deepu George V

  16. Hallow Deepu, Yesterday I saw your educational blog. You have a nice educational background. you have mentioned a pree degree cource before engineerin , then what is the structure then
    is it 10 + 2 + 2 +3 System. Once in West Bengal there was a cource called pree University and P.U. However, you are very lucky that you get such parents and they also lucky for you.But my friend you are too junior than us. You know, in 94 when you were just going to higher school then I went to Kerala to atten scout guides jamboori , at Palakkad . The railway station
    was Palghat. I was there for 17 days. I steel remember those days. I am interested to know that how is the place now.You have visited Sriharikotta, you are really lucky. I am very interested to know the life of Vikram Sarabhai. You know, he died very early age due to 17 to 18 heard work for ISRO . He started the first ISRO unit at Thumba. I don't know why we do not worship these people or atleast keep photos in our house. I want to worship Vikram Sarabhai, A P J Abdul Kalam, Y S Rajan, Binayak Sen and some other people like them . Can tell me my religion?