Saturday, July 28, 2007

Date Palm Trees – Dubai

Date palm trees are extensively seen in Dubai, as well as any where in gulf countries I believe. I have seen Date Palms through out the 500km distance when I traveled from Dubai to Muscat by bus. Now is the season of date fruits. The fruits are ripe. Planters protect the bunch of dates hanging from these trees by covering the bunch with a net. When I reached Dubai in the last week of March, I saw the dates in green color. Now it is almost ripe. It turned yellow and now dark red or pink in color. Antony my room mate, bought some of them, pink and red in color, and we tasted it. Wav!!! The taste is entirely different from the experience of having the packed one available in shops. The flesh of the fruit is hard as an apple. He bought it from making pickles. Pickles!!! I am waiting for the pickles to be ready and taste it. We; Malayalees makes pickle out of anything.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hoisted High - flag of UAE

This flag is hoisted most high in UAE. Situated near Jumeriah beach 1, this enormous flag mast and flag is something really great. Illuminated with spot lights from every corner, this flag can be viewed from most of the places in Dubai.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Sunset from Jumeirah, Dubai - UAE

The picture is taken from Jumeirah beach – 1. See the different kinds of clouds spread in the sky! Any one can identify the type these clouds belong to? I remember some 4 or 6 types of clouds that I studied from upper primary schools.