Friday, July 30, 2004

Vocabulary Wizard

"I do not know where family doctors acquired illegiblyperplexing handwriting nevertheless, extraordinarypharmaceutical intellectuality counterbalancingindecipherability, transcendentalizesintercommunications incomprehensibleness."

In this sentence the Nth word is N letters long. e. g.3rd word is 3 letters long, 8th word is 8 letters longand so on. . .

My Ambitions

Updated on 29th January 2007.

Many of my ambitions which I wrote here previously are already fulfilled, or will be fulfilled shortly. I think I should update my ambition list, I mean I am setting new goals. After 3 years when I looked back at my ambitions wrote here, I feel those were childish, or something that I would accomplish by my normal life within a short time. Now I feel that living for those minor ambitions may not lead me to a happier ending. Yeah, I believe there is only one life, and everybody wishes a happier ending, but somebody may not wish an ending, but a happier life. Everybody will die and a true Christian should look forward for a life in Earth which will end soon. He/she should understand that he/she will be dying shortly. A strong reminder of ones own death which cannot be predicted and which nobody want to think of in his life, will make a man happier. Yes, I think when I live forward with my worldly death in my mind; I am able to lead a happier life. I no more keep aside anything for future. The reminder prompts me to do all the good things, even though sinful thoughts always haunt me, from which only God can protect me. Yes, now my ambitions have changed a lot. Now I look forward for a life, for which I will not regret before my death. But I have not reached the stage of a saint who forgets all the worldly possessions, and live for serving other human beings.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

How To Convert from 6MB to 100MB

Follow the steps to convert your from 6MB to 100MB.
1. Login to your mail account.
2. If your mail box is only 6MB, go to Mail Options
3. Select Account Information from the left of the screen
4. You should enter your password again in the column provided.
5. You will see the Membership Information page
6. Copy the currnet url in your browser into notepad.
7. Copy the below url page also into notepad

8. Make sure that space do not appear in the url string.
9. Copy the last 11 characters from your url and place it in the two places of the above given url where the *********** is.Copy this newer url into your browser and hit Enter..
10. Change your settings to English - United States
11. Accept the New User Agreement
12. You will be logged out
13. Go to and login again
14. You will now see you have a 100MB mailbox

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

My Education

I completed my primary education in the year 1994 from Vidya Sagar which now changed it's name to MGM School. The medium was English and English medium schools were very rare at my place that time. it was located in the nearest town to my Village. The town named Mananthavady was the cultural and business centre of Wayanad District.

Then I completed my high school studies in the year 1997 from St. Catherines HSS Payyampally which is located very near to my home. During that time my father was the principal of the school and my mother was teaching there. So I had great responsibilities. It turned out that what ever I did in the school became a talk. So I the situation forced me to be an ideal student always. Otherwise my activities would throw mud on the images of my parents.

Later I joined St. Joseph's College, Devagiri for my Pre Degree Course which was locaed it the neighbouring district to my home. I was a student in the science batch(Mathematics - First group) I stayed in hostel there and completed PDC in the year 1999. Now the Pre Degree System no more exists. I was lucky to be a student of last batch of PDC in the state. Because government changed the system to Higer Secondary Education from 1999.

In 1999 I attended the state engineering entrance exam and got through it. I have an option to take the engineering seets available in the state. I opted for Computer Science and Engineering in Govt Engineering College, Wayanad. The college is situated in Mananthavady and I joined the college. My batch was the first batch of my college. I opted for the particular seat because the institution was very near to my home. I finished my B.Tech programme in the year 2003. The college was affiliated to the University of Kannur.

Payyampally; My Village



==>St. Catherine's HSS, Payyampally


WikiMapia Link of Payyampally The map is described at the bottom.

I Live in the beautiful village Payyampaly located near the bank of Kabani, which flows to the east. My village is located in Wayand district which is a hill range area. It does have beautiful landscapes, snowy forests, a fantastic place. I always love to be in my village eventhough I can't because my work place is located in the Garden city of India "Bangalore".

Payyampally is covered with amazing greenaries. I completed my school from payyampally(St Catherine's HSS).
The village is occuppied with Christians, Jains and Hindus. And we have a great tradition of communal Harmony in Payyampally. The silent nature, greenary and the good people always force me to go back to Payyampally and enjoy Payyampally

Update on 1st Feb 2007

Visibility of Payyampally increased, when the place got connected with Pulpally and Cherukattoor, when two new bridges across the Manathavady River and Panamaram River was established. Kuruvadweep turned to be one of the most attractive tourist places in Wayanad and there is little chance that travelers reach Kuruvadweep without entering Payyampally.

Payyampally is inherited mainly by farmers who do have paddy, rubber, ginger, plantain and coffee as the main cultivation. But there are one or two tea plantations also in Payyampally.

St. Catherine’s HSS played an important role in the development and history of Payyampally. ==>St. Catherine's HSS. The school was the only one for the students from neighboring places like Cherukattoor, Arattuthara, Palvelicham etc to complete their high schools. It remains more or less the same till now.

Two main things that Payyampally lacks are a hospital where patients can be hospitalized and treated and a fuel station. Two banks, (Canara Bank and Co-operative bank), a post office, one Ayurvedic Clinic, a higher secondary school (St. Catherine’s HSS) , one public library (Aikyadeepam Vayanasala and the sports and arts club associated with it) and three or four main junctions were some shops are found makes Payyampally 70% self sustained.

Now the nearest fuel refilling station is 5 Kilometers away (Kartikulam) and the nearest hospital with beds is 10 Kilometers away (Mananthavady)

WikiMapia Description - Update on 2nd Feb 2007
The aerial view of Payyampally given above is from The center part of this map shows Payyampally. The big rectangle you see on the bottom part is Oorpally; the square shape you see to the right most part is Kuruvadweep and Koodalkadavu. The top most part is Mananthavady – Mysore road. And the left part is Mananthavady. Marymatha arts and science college is shown in the North West corner.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Music can heal the world

When you are fed up with something or you have to do nothing, play your favourite song or musical peace. This peace of music generally may not be favourite for others. But you may not disclose it generally, because you also want others feel that you follow the latest trend.
Spend the time listening to it, if possible close your eyes and don't involve in anything else. I am sure that by the end of it, you will have a new idea in your mind. You will be in a hurry to do it, not even able to finish listening to the music. I believe that everyone will have a few musical collections which will definitely innovate them. Music heals the world. It heals your mind.
I have tried this many time and the result was amazing. Even I was able to solve deadlock situations after spending a few minutes dedicated to my favourite song. It creates extra energy in your mind and body.
You will be feeling tired after watching a new nice or great movie. You will be tired after watching a whole cricket match even when your team wins. These kind of recreations give us rest and comfort for the time being but it drains your energy slowly. But I am sure that a heart touching muiscal peace will make you feel more happier.
Try this. It will definitely solve some of your problems. The great Karnatic musician Balamurali Krishna has done a good job in this field. He is engaged in giving treatment to many-with only one medicine "music".