Friday, April 20, 2012

The Transporter

The vehicle that assisted me for a month’s time in California! This rented car helped us to roam around here and there as we wished (me and my colleagues). The article published on April 15th (Panoramic View from Golden Gate Bridge – III) were the last photos to publish from the California trip made on 2010 September. Las Vegas, The redwood forest and Grand Canyon are left for next visit.


  1. I look forward to posts about the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and Redwood forests. Which place did you go to, to see the redwoods?

    1. D.Nambiar,
      Unfortunately we could not make to Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and the Redwood forests due to time limitation and other priorities. I wanted to post the transporter as the last pic in the CA trip series. I wanted to visit these places very much, but I had to settle for make it in my next trip to CA :(

      But from this week onwards, I will be posting “Blogger in London” series and there are more than thirty articles to be posted. I already posted an article with that Label. Processing tons of photographs from my UK trip was a tedious job and I hesitated to start with it so long even though the trip was in August 2011.

    2. Oh I thought this was the end of the CA series and the rest were coming up.

      I eagerly look forward to the London Tales. :)