Sunday, April 15, 2012

Panoramic View from Golden Gate Bridge - III

A panoramic view of the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco! During my short stay in California, along with my colleagues, I made a trip to San Francisco from Los Angeles along the coastal highway - CA 1 also called as Highway 1. We stayed in San Jose as a guest of my friend Sajith. We could reach there only by mid night, the next morning we reached this historical and beautiful location, spent some time there, had a nice walk through the bridge and started back to Los Angeles by noon time.


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    1. D, Nambiar,
      Yep, correct, from the Sausalito side, actually I was not aware of this fact; that is from which side I we parked our car and took these pictures. After reading your comment, I Google Mapped to see which side were we stopped by then. It was our first visit to San Francisco, we blindly believed our GPS to go around San Francisco from the morning we started from my friend Sajith’s house in San Jose.