Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Northern lights view from Horn Head on the night of 2017 January 31

January 31st turned out to be a double bonus day for astrophotography enthusiasts, by evening the Moon-Venus-Mars conjunction decorated the evening sky. After a few clicks of the beautiful alignment of the three celestial bodies in the Western part of the sky, I headed towards Horn Head Peninsula - a very good location to watch for Aurora Borealis in Ireland. The night turned out to be fruitful with mostly clear skies and without high wind, more importantly, the atmosphere humidity and temperature of around 2 to 3 degree Celsius did not do dew up the lens. I missed a very good spell of the dancing lights by the time I reached the location (around 9:15 pm Irish time), I met another guy on top of the cliff, who had already photographed a few beautiful snaps by then. In the next two to three hours I kept on clicking until the Aurora almost disappeared from the sky, and I was lucky to create an 18 second’s time lapse video that covered around 2 hours of Aurora. For the first time in my life, the Aurora was bright enough to be clearly seen by the naked eyes. When I reached back home at 03:00 am on Feb 1st, I was so eager to transfer the images to the pc and view them. The images turned up to be satisfactory, so I managed to do the final processing and time lapse video creation as well as publishing the contents to this blog and face book before I went to (I am going to :) ) sleep. 

Time-Lapse Video

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