Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Moon, Venus and Mars Conjunction over Cathedral of St. Eunan and St. Columba - Letterkenny

The three celestial objects - Moon, Venus and Mars showcased a spectacular shown on the evening sky of 31st January 2017. Venus was high enough from the horizon to be clearly spotted by anyone looking towards the West for the past couple of months, similar alignment occurred during the past two similar phase of moon in the last two months. I was delighted to capture the previous alignment which happened around the start of this year and the photos were posted here => http://deepugeorge.blogspot.ie/2017/01/moon-venus-conjunction-2017-jan-2ndmoo.html

The last alignment during the first week of this year made almost the Syzygy arrangement (a word used to denote the  straight-line configuration of three celestial bodies in a gravitational system), with Venus and Mars on either side of the crescent moon.

This time, the alignment pictured a smiley face in the sky, Venus positioned towards 2-O-Clock direction and Mars positioned to near 12-O-Clock direction relative to the crescent moon.

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