Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lake Cachuma

Lake Cachuma is an artificial lake in California located in Santa Barbara County. This picture was taken during a brief stop on the way to San Francisco from Los Angeles. We took a different route than the shortest one so that we could cover the beautiful Coastal Highway CA 1.


  1. What's the first picture about? A road to nowhere?

    Gosh, it must be awesome up there.

    1. Yep, the location seems to be very silent, few were cruising there boats in the lake, but the lake was not at all crowded like Lake Arrowhead. I liked the way you described - “a road to nowhere?” In fact, it is something that I had experienced in Bangalore while navigating with the help of Google map, many a times I reached a “nowhere”-dead end, because of incorrect mappings :). I am not blaming Google, but it looked like people are marking in wish in Google maps but not the facts.

    2. Dear D, Nambiar,
      I forgot to mention that those tiny white spots in here and there in the lake are actually boats.