Thursday, March 15, 2012


Contrast - A picture taken during a brief stop while traveling from Los Angeles to San Francisco, we planned the route through San Louis Obispo so that we can have a drive through the beautiful costal highway – CA 1. I forgot the exact location, but it was somewhere near William R Hearst memorial state beach.


  1. Stunning. I have a similar image but the contrast is not at good as this one.

    1. Thanks D, when the warm air over the American continent touched the cold air front over Pacific, the clouds shed the bands of shadows to give contrasting bands; I believe I am lucky to be there at the right moment, luck plays an important role in photography. Many beautiful scenes were missed to be captured either because I am in a vehicle that could not be stopped at that time, or because I do not have a camera then. Dear D, Wish you more luck with photographic adventures.