Friday, December 23, 2011

Sunspots seen from Bangalore

You can see a dark spot slightly towards the left of the center of sun and a group of spots towards the right of the center of the sun, further minute dark spots might not be a sunspots but noise in the image. Enlarge the smaller images to see the spots repeating at the same spot on sun.

Sunspots were seen during the last few weeks or in the last couple of months with the naked eyes during sunsets when the sun dimmed enough and reddened enough. The clear winter skies aided to get a clear view of the till the last minute. The blogger was able to see it from his hometown – Payyampally, as well as from Bangalore evening skies. These pictures are from Bangalore. After reading some articles in internet, the blogger confirmed that sunspots are something that can be viewed occasionally with naked eyes also. When he saw one, he was not sure whether he was seeing a bird flying away or towards him as spot on the sun, he continued watching it for a few days where a clear sunset was visible and confirmed that what he was seeing are indeed sunspots. He took multiple photos and examined then to discover that the dark spots are indeed at the same spot and therefore are sunspots but not birds.

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