Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lunar Eclipse - 2011 December 10th - A view from Payyampally

Videos are posted in the link below

Here are few shots of the complete Lunar Eclipse that happened today (10th December 2011). These shots are take n from my home town Payyampally, where the clear sky of December without any light pollution gave a very good view of the milky way, and apart from this celestial event, I could also watch a very bright meteor falling towards the northern side which I was not at all prepared to capture. Jupiter and Venus ruled the sky apart from this grant celestial event of Eclipse. Payyampally is situated at the northern part of Wayanad and is still not too light polluted, but good places for star watching are very rare, and the sky gives a clear view during a short time span over a year. When I am editing this post, the eclipse is not yet over.

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