Monday, March 26, 2018

Celestial Alignment - 4 Planets and Moon in One Click - 19th March 2018

Mercury, Venus, Uranus, Crescent Moon & Earth!

Mercury and Venus were easily seen by naked eye. The third planet in the click is Uranus which is difficult to spot with Naked eye. However the camera captured it and Stellarium software helped me to locate and mark it on the picture accurately. Uranus can be seen only if you enlarge the picture to 100% size on your screen.

Venus is the brightest dot after moon on the lower right near horizon. Mercury can be spotted a bit higher than Venus towards the right of Venus and fainter than Venus.

The fourth planet is obviously the blue planet – Earth :)

The first picture is the original one, and the second picture is with the planets annotated and the third one is the upper right part of moon expanded to full size to make it easy to spot Uranus.

The picture is taken from Mountain Top, Letterkenny.

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