Saturday, September 02, 2017

Aurora click from Lough Salt - Donegal - 02 September 2017 04:28 am Irish time

Aurora prediction was rather low (less than G1) but the sky was clear after the moon set around 02:00am. So I thought of giving a try to capture a Milky Way panorama. After clicking a few snaps from a dark sky location in Donegal, I thought giving it another try form the view point near Lough Salt since the brightest part of the Galaxy was covered by a nearby hill. Around 4:20 I reached Lough Salt and I could see faint beams of light pointing upwards, but never thought that it could be Aurora after all the low prediction level. But when I looked at the first shot, to my surprise, it turned out to be Aurora. So I gave up the Milky Way panorama idea and started clicking the Aurora. It faded of slowly as the astronomical dawn happened over the next half an hour. These two clicks are taken at 04:28am and 04:29am. As a bonus, when I processed the image, I could also find the green Airglow in these images and these are my first Airglow captures.

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