Thursday, May 04, 2017

Sunset over Derryveagh mountain range between Mt. Errigal and Muckish

Today's (2017 May 03) sunset was fantastic, the entire day had a clear sky and towards the evening a thin layer of cloud appeared here and there and it made the sunset beautiful which happened at 09:10 pm local time. These two clicks are captured from Mountaintop, Letterkenny, the Mountian peak on the far left side is Mt. Errigal and the flat Mountain on the right is Muckish. The mountain range that includes these two favorite and easy trekking destinations - Derryveagh Mountain range is seen across the frame bottom

This second shot was particularly interesting to me as the contrail of the flight seen emerging from the top right corner has got it's own shadow on it. The bright parts of the contrail appeared to be reddish in the setting sun's light where the majority of shorter wavelengths are already scattered. The contrail appeared brighter in the top part but then towards the bottom, it appeared to be dark on behalf of it's own shadow as if it was smoke coming out of the jets.

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