Thursday, March 02, 2017

Northern Lights on a Cloudy Day

The aurora predictions where really high from the evening of 1st March 2017 till 06:00 am with predicted Kp Level 5, but the geomagnetic storm recorded Kp Level 6 from 9:00 pm. The overcast cloud and rain disappointed the aurora hunters in Donegal and Northern Ireland, many reported brilliant aurora displays from South as far as Cork. Regardless the rain and clouds, I decided to go for it and reached Horn Head around 10:00 pm along with my friend Balsaraj. Towards north a very narrow gap was clear of any clouds and we sighted the aurora immediately on reaching the location as we looked towards North. The magnitude of brightness was so good and the portion of light pillars visible through the narrow band of cloud clearance hinted that the real light pillars were magnificent if the sky was clear. The above image is what I could capture after all,  with a zoomed in view of 85 mm on a full frame. 

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