Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Halloween 2016 Fireworks at Londonderry

Halloween 2016 Fireworks at Londonderry on October 2016 along the bank of river Foyle, the peace Bridge is seen in the foreground, the raindrops on the lens made the fuzzy octagonal patches

 The 30th Halloween festival and fireworks was celebrated at Londerry on 31st October 2016. The fireworks conducted every year at the bank of river Foyle is marvelous to be watched from the other side of the river and amidst of the drizzle this year, it turned to be spectacular. The huge crowd (estimated to be 30,000) came up in Halloween costumes to celebrate the festival and to watch the parade and the fireworks.

The drizzling rain drops made it difficult to shoot any good quality pictures as the lens got water drops all over it after every couple of shots and by the time I cleaned it up, a few spectacular displays got over always.

Here are few more snaps that I could capture regardless of the drizzle.