Friday, October 14, 2016

Northern Lights (Aurora) view from Horn Head Peninsula on the night of 2016 October 13

Geomagnetic Storm of level G3~G1 prediction stayed active from noon time on 13th October and I couldn't wait to rush home after office hours to a North most and dark location to witness it for the first time in my life. At 3:30 pm, I rang home and asked my better half to keep the camera batteries fully charged. I finished my supper early to reach the destination as soon as night falls in, I took all my accessories (camera, a head lamp, GPS Navigation, tripod) and drove to  Horn Head Peninsula - a location from where I can look towards the North Atlantic Ocean and Horizon form 180 meter above sea level.

My effort turned out fruitful, even though the moon was 80% or 90% full, and up in the western sky, I could see a grey/green haze towards the North, but the camera captured all the colors that my naked eye couldn't see.
Out of around 200 Images that I captured between October 13th 9:30 pm - October 14th 01:30 am (Irish Time), here are the four that had distinctive features such as green pillars and purple haze over the green patch. These four clicks had a time stamp around 12:30 am Irish Standard Time on it.

The temperature was around 6 to 7 degree Celsius and within 15-20 minutes my fingers became numb and was quite difficult to operate the camera, I had to take back my camera down to my parked car a couple of times to remove the lens-fog-condensation by turning on the car heater to the maximum. A battery operated hair dryer and a pair of gloves for my hand should have helped much if I had them handy. 

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