Friday, February 17, 2012


My work is nothing compared to the original work done by the great artist Ilayaraja, recently I could find tons of Ilayaraja's original work at his own website (I believe) ->

I am not at all a good Water color artist, but I love to paint which takes me back to my life in childhood days where my father use to teach me drawing and painting. Later he took me to Roy Ullopallil sir who became my master and opened the wonders of oil and water color painting. He is called “Roychan sir” by those who loves and admires him.

Now a days during the busy life of a software engineer, I paint to make me feel that I am not just a robot sitting in front of computer, but a human with a mind, as well as to relax myself from the busy work life and to inspire my kid to do something else than watching TV or playing with computer.


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