Sunday, January 15, 2012

Freedom or Dignity!

Can you digest what you see here? Does it mean more freedom for the kid or being chained? What about dignity?


  1. For a parent, their child's safety might be most important.
    Since we don't see this back home in India, I found it very odd when I first saw these things. That was a couple of years ago. Today I am a mommy. Today all I want to is make sure that my toddler is not in the way of vehicles and not lost in the crowds. I don't use these bags with those cords (whatever they are called). But I might consider it, someday...when my little one outgrows his stroller or decides he'd rather walk. Honestly, nothing is more precious to me than his life. :)

  2. Thanks D.Nambiar for your thoughts on this.
    As you wrote, the society where you live has a lot to do with these. My wife fought a lot with me to buy a stroller but somehow I didn’t like the idea, I thought let our son get our heat instead of being pushed on a stroller. Bangalore seems not to be stroller friendly, the malls or the roads. But if I am somewhere in a place like California or UK or any other places around the world where cities, malls and buildings are bi-cycle, pedestrian, wheel-chair friendly, we too would have bought one for sure. And if we were living in somewhere outside India, I too might have bought a bag with a rope tied to it for my kid.

    I would like to mention something about my father who played the most important role in building my character. He would always hold me towards the inner side of the road while walking through cities so that I may not jump into the way of fast moving vehicles, he used to say that vehicles are after all machines controlled by humans, and might not get controlled well as they like it to be, so it is better to keep in mind that instead of leaving the risk factor to the drivers alone. I always keep me away from honking at pedestrians or babies playing on the road, but kids who are never taught about road safety feel the same kind of pride when the later grow up and sit behind wheels and never show any discipline.

  3. I understand, Deepu. I just wanted to give you the mommy-perspective and how idea has changed.

    I honestly thought it weird when I first saw it. But now I know that little kids don't know about the impending dangers and sometimes their too young to understand even if you try to tell them. As parents, we tend to think of things that could go wrong and we know we have to do what we can to avoid mishap, right?

    There's so much danger out there, alle, whether you are on the road or behind the wheel.