Monday, November 20, 2006

A parish priest expired

Here I am publishing a story written by my late father Mr. T M Varkey. I found this story from one of his very old diary and the scripts are dated on December 26th of 1986.

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My Beloved Father Mr. T M Varkey

My father was headmaster of St. Catherine’s HSS Payyampally while he retired from the school. The school was St. Catherine’s HS during his retirement, and recently Plus Two also got added to the school and the name changed as St. Catherine’s HSS. I am imagining that he was writing this story during the 10 day’s Christmas holiday which my father use to enjoy a lot in doing interesting activities and spending lot of time with all of us (my brothers and me and my beloved mother).

I am publishing here the scripts as it is (photographed from the diary) and I have appended a rough English translation of the same at the bottom. You can click the pages given below and get the enlarged view to read the Malayalam scripts.

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The English Translation

One parish priest expired. Soul reached in front of almighty God. Waited for Heaven of Hell to be approved by God. Started describing about his life in the earth.

In order to retain Church’s-Catholic church’s monopoly he somehow finished the mass service every Sunday. To retain his position from being spoiled he completed the same during all the days of the week.

He gave ear to some of the parish member’s conspiracy and rumors he barked at the parish members during the next Sunday mass services.

He wasted his as much as possible in drinking and gambling. He made sure that liquor was served non stop while he attended feasts.

In order to rule the parish members by threat, he barked as loudly as possible.

He implicitly advised the parish members that he should be respected.

He classified the people of God on the basis of percentage and grade and churn out the maximum from them.

By constructing the post modern buildings he made the foundation of the monopoly of the church more strengthened.

Spent his most valuable time in gambling, drinking, in lust, spreading rumors, exploiting others and showering his anger on others… A parasite….

When God called him and was trying to complete the final sentence of the verdict, the priest’s shadow became larger and larger and vanished from the heaven.


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